Tracy E. Myers, CMD


Christian, Car Dealer, Wrestling Promoter, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author & Emmy-Award Winning Movie Producer.

Troy “Turbo” Spring


Owner of Dealer World, Agency 345 & David Norman Design. Serial Entrepreneur. Best-Selling Author. Husband & father.

Greg Gifford

Guest Educator

Vice-President of Search Marketing at SearchLab, a boutique marketing agency specializing in Local SEO and PPC. He’s one of the most in-demand speakers at digital marketing and automotive conferences all over the world, with dynamic movie-themed presentations packed full of actionable tactics and information. He’s got over 18 years of online marketing and web design experience, and his expertise in Local SEO has helped hundreds of businesses gain more visibility in local searches.

Greg graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Cinema and Communications, and has an obscure movie quote for just about any situation.

Tim James

Guest Educator

Chief Operating Officer at Flick Fusion, Christian, husband, father, entrepreneur, growth strategist, author, and speaker. In addition to leading the sales, marketing, and product strategies of some of the Automotive Industries fastest growing companies over the last 20 years, Tim has also authored over 500+ best practice articles for numerous industry publications, been featured on numerous webinar training panels, and is a popular speaker at many of the top automotive conferences.

Matt Bute

Guest Educator

Vice-President of Sales for

Ron Morrison

Guest Educator

Ron is the CEO and founder of both technology and marketing companies. He started Pureinfluencer, LLC in 2013. He’s an experienced marketer in the automotive space – 24 years – and is described as a “executive level sales and business development executive” 24 years of experience in delivering profitable sales results, sustained incremental and recurring revenue, and long-term productive business development relationships in the automotive industry. A regular speaker at many automotive conferences, Ron brings vast experience and ingenuity to today’s automotive market challenges.

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