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A Personal Message for You from Tracy.

Tom Hawkins getting guidance from Dealer Advisory Council member, Mindy Cutshaw.

Tom Hawkins getting guidance from Dealer Advisory Council member, Mindy Cutshaw.

From the Desk of… Tracy Myers
“The Nation’s Leading Automotive Solutions Provider”
Featured in Forbes, USA Today, Inc, Success & Fast Company

Dear Friend,

Having been part of several very effective mastermind groups, my friend Troy Spring and I are firm believers in the power of the mastermind to help business owners reach new levels of success.

However, we’ve also discovered that mastermind groups do not always deliver the desired results. They have to be set up and run in the right way and – most important – they must have the “right” people in attendance.

So, when we decided to create our own automotive mastermind group, we started by listing the top automotive professionals we know – from Dealer Principals to General Sales Managers to used Car Managers to Internet Sales Managers to Sales Professionals to Vendors – and we sought to identify the key characteristics that made them stand out from the rest.

Special Guest Michael York on the red carpet with Co-Moderators Troy Spring & Tracy Myers.

Special Guest Michael York on the red carpet with Co-Moderators Troy Spring & Tracy Myers.

We noticed two key factors that marked out the top participants – even among a group that were all successful, intelligent, knowledgeable, driven entrepreneurs. These two factors were:

  • They took immediate action on ideas and implemented what they learned
  • They achieved financial results right away from new information they obtained

Having identified those two factors, we agreed that a successful group from the auto industry would have to build around people like that.

It would be made up of people who not only had great ideas but who also had practical experience – people who had actually done the work necessary and were ready to implement what they learned as part of the group.

Success breeds success and a good mastermind group multiplies success many times over.

Do YOU Have What It Takes To Join Our Elite Mastermind?

You have to decide if you are ready to take action and if you are willing to take the steps necessary not only to ensure your own success but also to contribute to the success of everyone involved.

The Unfair Advantage Mastermind is a group for people who are already top performers or who are ready to take the action needed to become one of the best in the industry.

If you can’t make an additional $100,000 in the next 12 months from what you learn from this mastermind, the chances are you won’t be invited back the following year.

The success of any group depends on the members so we are serious about ensuring it is made up of people who share the same commitment to results.

If Chosen, This Will Be EXCLUSIVE To Your Market!

One of the keys to a good mastermind is that all the members should feel able to share their worries, their ideas, their successes and their disappointments.

That’s not usually possible when close competitors participate so the group is restricted to one dealer per marketplace – though the mastermind member in that marketplace can choose to make an exception.

This Can Help YOU Reach The Next Level!

#UAAMG members taking in all the deep thoughts & money making ideas.

#UAAMG members taking in all the deep thoughts & money making ideas.

Being part of a closely-knit group of some of the top performers in the auto industry would be enough in itself to propel you forward.

However, the benefit of being part of a group like the Unfair Advantage Mastermind is not only what you learn from the other participants but also the connections you make through time. Often one of the biggest challenges in implementing something fast is that, once you have learned “what” needs to be done, you need to know “who” can do it for you.

We have focused attention on that and you’ll find that other members also have proven and tested connections. Those may be great sales trainers, fixed ops specialists, website designers, SEO experts, Pay-per Click specialists, marketing distribution houses, branding gurus, software creators and many, many more people offering the skills, expertise and resources you’ll need. In addition, we’ve arranged for mastermind members to receive substantial discounts from the connections.

The secret of reaching the next level is discovering something new and then knowing precisely how to implement it effectively in your dealership. You can achieve both of those fast by surrounding yourself with the right people. The Unfair Advantage Mastermind will introduce you to the right people!

New Dates Coming Soon!

If Your Application Is Accepted, Here’s What You’ll Get…

There are several benefits included if your membership is accepted:

Special Guest Sean Moffett bringing the house down with his thought provoking presentation.

Special Guest Sean Moffett bringing the house down with his thought provoking presentation.

  • Three 2 1/2-day closed-door LIVE Unfair Advantage Mastermind events during the year. ($12,000 Value)
    At those events, every member will get the chance to share their biggest business successes and challenges.
    You’ll benefit from feedback from everyone in the group, including our very own Dealer Advisory Council, on how to solve your problems. Of course, you’ll also learn loads by taking part in discussions as each participant shares their successes, challenges and ideas with the group.
  • Live monthly Q&A call where you can address any challenges you are facing. ($499 Value)
    This gives you personal access to Tracy Myers and Troy Spring – as well as participation from other members – to get the highest possible value as a mastermind member.
  • Live monthly topic call with Tracy Myers, Troy Spring and other members ($499 Value)
    This will give you access to leading-edge thinking and strategies to propel your business forward.
  • You will be assigned a Personal Concierge so that you can get immediate attention when you need assistance. (PRICELESS!)
  • EXCLUSIVE members-only access to our private Unfair Advantage Google Group. (PRICELESS!)
  • Opportunity to be a Beta-Team member for any and all new products developed. (PRICELESS!)
  • One year membership into America’s Most “Liked”. ($999 Value)
  • EXTREME discounts on products and services offered by our Preferred Partners. (PRICELESS!)
-Moderators Tracy Myers & Troy Spring listening intently to the #UAAMG members.

-Moderators Tracy Myers & Troy Spring listening intently to the #UAAMG members.

Finally, we are as passionate about enjoying life as we are about building your business so you’ll find the meetings highly enjoyable as well as extremely profitable. All LIVE Unfair Advantage Mastermind will be held in Charlotte, NC.

You have the chance to be part of this unique group of industry leaders where you will have access to the latest and best money-making and money-saving ideas before your competitors.

You can be confident that the innovative ideas shared in the Unfair Advantage Mastermind Group will change the automotive industry and your dealership forever. Are you ready to be part of it? Do you have what it takes?


FREE Membership For Accepted Applicants!
New Dates Coming Soon!

How Can You Join The Unfair Advantage Mastermind?

If you are ready to get an Unfair Advantage in your business – and you feel you meet the criteria to be an effective, participating member, the first step is to complete an application form.

As you’d expect, the number of memberships available in the Unfair Advantage Mastermind is extremely limited and not everyone who applies is accepted.

Nevertheless, we are open to receiving application from potential automotive industry leaders who feel they could contribute to and benefit from membership of the Unfair Advantage Mastermind.

Please note that space is limited so you may see a message indicating that no places are currently open. Check it out today to see if places are still available.

Thank you for taking the time to read this personal letter… & … GET READY for the ULTIMATE #1 BEST Automotive Mastermind Group in the WORLD that CAN help you obtain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competition!

Apply for Membership TODAY before the deadline because we expect this event to be packed!

Your Friend,

“Now is YOUR TIME to Get an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition!”

apply-nowIf you would like to register by phone, or have additional questions, contact our Team at (336) 831-0646 or

Now YOU Can Have An Unfair Advantage In 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Apply For FREE Membership TODAY (Before we’re at capacity. Space IS limited)

Step 2: Wait For Your Official membership Request Email To Arrive. (You’ll know whether you’ve been approved or not in 2-3 weeks of applying).

Step 3: If Your Membership Is Approved, We’ll Reserve Your Spot In Our Group.

Step 4: Stand By For The Next Meeting Of The UAAMG!


Daytime Exterior Garden Atrium Reception Indoor Pool

The Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Meetings are held at the Embassy Suites Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. Located only 6 miles from Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and located minutes from Charlotte Motor Speedway, Carowinds Amusement Park, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center and Bank of America Stadium (Home of the Carolina Panthers).

If and when your membership is approved, your Unfair Advantage Concierge will confirm that you can attend the next meeting and secure your hotel reservation for you. It’s that easy!

Still Undecided?

Watch this video to learn more about the Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group.