mindy-cutshawMindy Cutshaw

Owner, Beebles

Mindy Cutshaw has been tirelessly helping dealers create strong processes and increase sales since 1993. While others talk “should do”, Mindy demonstrates “how to” with her unique hands-on approach to showing dealers exactly what it takes to run a profitable BDC and dealership.

She started her automotive career at a high volume Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership in Lake Norman, NC and helped them sell over 700 vehicles per month. After 10 years of proven success, she took on the challenge of taking a 30 car dealership to over 100 per month with unprecedented speed.

Since starting her firm, Beebles, Mindy has successfully taught dealership employees all aspects of business development, including hiring, process implementation, initial and ongoing training, call tracking, accurate ROI reporting and streamlined follow up. Her energy and excitement for the automotive industry has become affectionately known as the “Mindy” factor.