jonathan-dawsonJonathan Dawson

Founder of Sellchology

“I’m trying to save the world one salesman at a time.” This is what Jonathan says when someone asks him what he does. Jonathan’s passions are: teaching truths that TRANSFORM, coaching that creates CHANGE, and influencing that leaves an IMPACT. He has been teaching and transforming salespeople and managers for over a decade and is in love with what he does.

He believes that culture drives behavior and behaviors determine the customer’s experience. His goal is to help dealerships “out-experience” their competition by creating a unique culture. His company provides dealership employees with Sellchology, “Selling through psychology”. This approach is a combination of customer focused selling, consumer driven marketing, and people focused leadership. Selling through “Proactive Psychology” is anticipating the questions and concerns of your customer and addressing them before they come up.
He believes that salespeople should learn to think like a customer while still being a salesperson and they should follow the process but not forget the people in the process.

What this does is helps the salespeople and managers become more effective because they are appreciating the customer’s questions and concerns rather than trying to manipulate or control the customer through the process. By helping the salespeople and management understand the “why” behind techniques they have a greater sense of confidence and are more empowered to be creative problem solvers. This approach also allows the person to maintain their own individuality because they are not memorizing a set of “word tracks” but rather developing their own.

For over a decade Jonathan has been using psychology in sales to make salespeople more productive and profitable. He spends his time traveling across the country working “hands on” with dealerships teaching salespeople and managers to enhance their understanding of the emotional and psychological road to the sale. His ideas are so effective because he still sells cars today. He takes the incoming sales calls on speaker in front of his classes and records his interactions with live customers while on the lot to use in the next training session.
Jonathan is known for his conversational teaching style and common sense approach.

Results come from teaching salespeople how to think and respond to customers “proactively” instead of always reacting under fire! In an ever-changing world, up to date technologies and the psychology to put it to use is what separates success from failure and allows you to “out- experience” your competition.